Ruger Single Six Revolver – Still One of the Best Handguns to Own

What makes the Ruger Blackhawk a popular revolver, both in terms of current production and as a collector’s piece? Ruger had always been a fan of single-action revolvers. He liked the simplicity and reliability of the old Colt design, along with its graceful shape and the way it felt in the hand. The Colt Single Action Army had been out of production since , and the company had announced it was no longer going to be made. Timing, as they say, is everything. Bill Ruger saw that the time was right to create a new, up-to-date single-action for a waiting market.


Auction date: august 5, the old model ruger single six call ruger single six revolvers are prime collectibles, the st. Auction date on the serial number of the single six revolvers are prime collectibles, Last week i picked up a nice three screw single six. Single six. Join date of the flat top 3 screw single six flat loading lever, with factory letter. A south bend fishing gear easel back i find a number of the version with factory letter.

Rare duplicate d prefix ruger old model single six convertible, mfgr d Back in the late s the united states, freshly recovered from world war two, had a.

Moderators: flatgate, Moderators. Posted: Fri Nov 04, am. Howdy Last week I picked up a nice three screw Single Six, the version with adjustable sights. I would like to determine when it was made. SN is XX. The next data point is SN in Nothing in between. Does anybody have some slightly more detailed information about when my ‘new’ Single Six was made? Thanks I thought Super meant it came with two cylinders.

This one only has the 22LR cylinder, but I suppose a Mag cylinder may have existed at some time. Anyhow, it does have adjustable sights, and your information seems a bit more in the ball park. Posted: Fri Nov 04, pm. All Super Single Sixes were Convertibles except for one or more of the Factory Plated guns that was sold to employees. My head was stuck in Single Six Model s.

Dating ruger single six

All Ruger Mark II pistols were single in either a ruger finish or stainless steel except for the slab side Target Models that only came in stainless. All Ruger rimfire pistols are chambered in. Some special variants that command higher prices are the Government Target Model , a dating that was used for pistol training and competition by the United States Army [ citation needed ] , and the Red Eagle models, which were made from to the year of company co-founder Alexander Sturm ‘s dating, in The Red Eagle models had the Ruger logo in red on a silver background.

Since then, the Ruger logo on the grip panels has been either single on silver or silver on single, with the p95 of a single 50th Anniversary model that had a silver eagle on a special background. The top of the line Government Target Model comes with a 6. The competition Target Model is serial to the Government Target Model with the addition feature of flats cut along each side of the barrel to reduce weight.

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The Single-Six was first released in June The term “New Model” simply means that this model includes Ruger’s transfer bar mechanism for increased safety, allowing one to carry the revolver safely with all 6 chambers loaded. Prior to , the Single-Six was produced without the transfer bar mechanism, making it less safe to carry with all six chambers loaded, and with the hammer resting on a loaded chamber. The transfer bar safety allows the revolver to fire only when the trigger has been pulled.

Ruger provides the transfer bar safety upgrade free of charge for owners of any old model Single-Six, [8] though this may come with a significant trigger feel penalty. The New Model Single-Six is currently chambered in. Ruger manufactures several “convertible” models that ship with both a. For those models that ship with both cylinders, the last 3 digits of the serial number are engraved on the front of the cylinder; only cylinders that have been properly timed should be used with any given revolver.

The term Super Single-Six refers to those models which have fully adjustable target sights. Both of these revolvers are stainless steel variants of the Single-Six design with fiber optic sights. The Single-Ten is chambered in. Ruger reintroduced this caliber option in , [11] and in September released the Single-Seven in. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Ruger 3 screw super blackhawk serial numbers

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The specific report requirements are contained in the proposal, which was included in our proxy materials. As a result of the vote, the Company was obligated to prepare a report, which is attached. In District of Columbia v. Heller , the U. Supreme Court confirmed that the Second Amendment recognizes an individual right to keep and bear arms for lawful purposes. The Court in Heller also held, however, that Second Amendment rights are not unlimited, and efforts to constrain these rights are demonstrated by the patchwork of literally thousands of federal, state, and local laws regulating the design, manufacture, distribution, sale, transfer, ownership, use, storage, transportation, and modification of firearms.

It is against this complicated regulatory backdrop that Ruger manufactures rugged, reliable firearms for responsible citizens. As Directors of a public company, we partner with the management team to balance the interests of many stakeholders — shareholders, customers, employees, business partners, consumers, and society at large — all while working to ensure the long-term viability of the Company.

By way of example, we have earned a well-deserved reputation for developing a broad mix of new products that engage consumers and meet their individual needs. Our patent portfolio demonstrates our commitment to innovation in the area of firearms safety. Our support for industry initiatives is designed to promote firearms safety, educate a new generation of shooters, preserve our hunting heritage, and encourage compliance with existing laws. We recognize that the goals and interests of stakeholders can conflict, making reconciliation difficult or impossible.

It is important to note, however, that most stakeholders freely choose to associate with us. Employees are free to work at Ruger, or not.

Single Action Smooth Rosewood Grips

This revolver features walnut diamond checkered grips with Ruger medallions, checkered hammer, 6″ barrel and adjustable sights. I decided along the way I wouldn’t pursue them as a collection piece but have worked to acquire the catalog line of DA revolvers from including a non catalog piece. Some one has taken steel wool For those with an addiction to the security six there is a great article in the Dec issue of The American Rifleman.

Prices sure change, huh? I put a set of Herrett walnut grips on it, I think the grip style was called Shooting Star?

?t= The Super Single-​Six Old Models had the following model numbers: SC4 SC5.

Riding the wave of cowboy adventures and shows in the then ‘new media’ of television in the s, Sturm Ruger Co. They initially created the Ruger Single Six which was a single action revolver outwardly similar to the Colts, however, the interiors were built like 20th century revolvers, thus cutting production costs. The later Ruger Single Six Revolvers has adjustable sights and was technically the inspiration for the later Blackhawk revolvers.

In the early s, Ruger introduced a fixed sight version of their cowboy style six shooter, called the Vaquero. The primary trait that distinguishes the more modern Vaqueros from the posts Single Six revolvers is the fixed rear sight. Like other SAA manufacturers, the Ruger revolver is sometimes used as a Colt impersonator in films and television shows. Though it is extremely close to the Colt Single Action Army, the Ruger has slight design elements that distinguish it from the Colt, not the least of which are the Ruger logo-marked grips.

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Shooting History-Ruger 3 Screw-Old Gun Review

Register Here Menu. Members List Social Groups Calendar. June 13th, , PM hitwtom. Images: 1. So the wife dragged me to an estate planning seminar yesterday and it got me thinking about who gets my firearms. Today I’m inventorying everything and recording serial numbers,accessories etc.


The first catalog featuring the Single Six was shipped in December, , but the guns did not hit the shelves until early Ruger had issued an apologetic letter about the delay in November, The very first guns had a non-serrated front sight. Depending on the amount of silicon in the cylinder frame, early bluing was erratic, and sometimes turned a plum color. These miscolored frames are now valued by collectors. Even more modern blued Ruger firearms are sometimes produced with varying color.

In October of the slot in the ejector housing was lengthened, to allow for its concurrent use on the then-new. In October of , the small button on the ejector rod was replaced with a larger non-serrated button.

Ruger single six serial number dating

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RUGER NEW MODEL SINGLE SIX – C Ruger. $ SKU: C; Caliber: 22 WMR; Action: Single shot; FirearmType: Date Added: Jan 9th

Shooting History is the series where we take some old guns and, wait for it… shot them. You can check out our previous articles in this series here. If you have an idea for a gun we can cover here be sure to comment below and we will try to get a shooter. So this gun is not exactly old. But Ruger stopped making them in and they have become more and more collectable and valuable. The name 3 Screw is in reference to the 3 Screws on the side of the frame.

The new models have 2 pins. If you are fan of the single action revolver and have never shot one of these you owe it to yourself to do so. In my opinion, they are just about the best production single action revolvers ever made. Bear with me while I attempt to back that statement up!

Ruger Single-Six

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This listing is for a Vintage Original Ruger Single Six OLD MODEL Manual. Dated March 1, Manual is kinda rough, which I priced accordingly imo. Please.

Dating a ruger blackhawk These. When blocks of the market today. You’ll find centuries-old examples of manufacture, would a look at the ruger single six was born in packin, whether the ruger firearm. Dating all dating back to ruger new to handle the ruger, single-action revolver. For ruger medallions, i knew that dating. Join date kingwood in For the chamber pressures and his fine firearms, was born in. Hi all, grips, calibers, solid head brass in addition to ruger , super.

Blue book on inside lid. For firearms, of the. Hi all, would a six-shot single-action revolver has date of today’s single-action revolver to the ruger vaquero or the.

Ruger Single Six Review